AGE Barometer

AGE Barometer assesses on a bi-annual basis the socio-economic situation of older people across the EU and how this situation underpins the respect of their human rights.

Annual Reports | Rapports Annuels

Our annual report provides an yearly overview of AGE activities. Download AGE Annual Report 2022 Version française ​ Download previous editions : 2021 (EN) – 2021 (FR) 2020 (EN) – 2020 (FR) A shorter version that includes the forewords and the highlight of the year is available in: German – Spanish – Italian – Dutch. […]

Care must empower us throughout our lives – AGE position paper

Throughout 2021, we organised a series of workshops with our members to discuss the change we want to see in care in Europe. Our ‘Rethinking care process’ involved 60 individuals from AGE member organisations in 18 European countries. This paper is the result of the views shared in these workshops and by AGE members in […]

The Right to Work in Old Age

Drafted on the 20th anniversary of the EU Employment Framework directive our report explores the challenges older people face in accessing justice and equally enjoying the right to work.

AGE Strategy 2022-2025

AGE Strategy 2022-2025 is a core document that will guide our work for the next four years. It outlines our priorities and clarify our internal and external goals, so as to strengthen the cooperation within our network as well as with our external partners. It has been drafted together with AGE members, bearing in mind […]

Towards an EU Age Equality Strategy: Delivering equal rights at all ages

The COVID-19 crisis has provided further evidence of the detrimental impact of ageism affecting both younger and older people’s dignity and capacity to participate in society. It clearly reminds us that equality is key to shaping fair societies where all individuals, regardless of their age, are given the support they need and the opportunities to […]

COVID-19 and Human Rights Concerns for Older Persons

Our policy paper presents the state-of-play of a reflection we have engaged with our members and external experts on how the COVID-19 pandemic and measures taken by governments affect the human rights of older persons. It highlights key issues faced in particular by older persons, in terms of access to health and social care, discrimination […]

AGE Toolkit for the EU elections 2019

Prior to the EU elections in May 2019, AGE has released its European Elections toolkit for senior citizens’ organisations. In the toolkit, we develop a few ideas of what you could take part in the public debates that will take place with candidates during the campaign for the elections of the European Parliament. Access the […]

AGE Position on Structural Ageism

Across the European Union there exist laws, policies and practices that reflect ageist prejudices and de-prioritise, disregard or even exclude older people. In this paper, based on a survey gathering the views of some of our 150+ member organisations’ common experiences, AGE wishes to draw attention to persisting forms of structural ageism in Europe and […]

AGE position on the integration of long-term unemployed

This paper follows the publication of the recommendation on the integration of long-term unemployed, initially propsed by the European Commission and adopted by the Council of the European Union in February 2015. AGE followed this process, as older workers (55-65) are most at risk to become long-term unemployed or inactive when their lose their job. […]

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