Keeping the energy – Older persons in the 2022 inflation surge

KeepingTheEnergy-AGE-report-Oct22-cover-cropped This report presents the outcome of our member survey about the impact of rising prices on older persons and the adequacy of governments’ responses to it that we published on 17th October 2022, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

The collected testimonies from older people’s organisations across Europe shows how the rising inflation is exposing older people to a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion, particularly those on low incomes. Specific difficulties experienced in older age are sometimes forgotten in the set of adaptive measures proposed by governments to mitigate the cost increases.

In this report, we also outline a number of recommendations to respond to the price crisis:

  • The Commission and member States must ensure automatic and regular pension Indexation as a cornerstone to ensure sustained adequacy of old-age income
  • Measures to support purchasing power need to be as automatic as possible to avoid nontake-up
  • Governments must be vigilant about whom they may (sometimes unintentionally) exclude from certain alleviating measures
  • Older persons need to be specifically addressed in interventions to encourage energy savings.

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