We work to ensure that the voice of older people is taken into account in European policies that affect them. In line with our mission and core values, the ultimate goal of our work is to promote a society for all ages in which everyone has equal opportunities to be included and participate at all stages of their lives. To achieve this, we support throughout our work a rights-based and life-course approach to ageing.  

AGE Work Programme 2024

A summary of our work programme will be published on this page soon. 

AGE main objectives for 2024

In 2024, our work will be organised around the following objectives:

  • Strengthening EU democratic and social processes, in particular in the framework of the EU elections and the Belgian Presidency of the EU. 
  • Strengthening the framework for equality in older age, in support of our proposal of an EU Age Equality Strategy, our campaign for the adoption of a United Nations’ Convention on older people’s rights, and our work on gender.
  • Strengthening solidarity between generations, in the framework of the European Day of Solidarity between Generations and the MEET project together with the European Youth Forum
  • Strengthening older people’involvement in EU projects on ageing, building on our partnership in over 15 European projects.

For more details, read our January 2024 Special Briefing.

AGE internal strategy for 2022-2025

Our yearly objectives ensue from our internal 4-year strategic plan. drafted and adopted by AGE members.

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