We work to ensure that the voice of older people is taken into account in European policies that affect them. In line with our mission and core values, the ultimate goal of our work is to promote a society for all ages in which everyone has equal opportunities to be included and participate at all stages of their lives. To achieve this, we support throughout our work a rights-based and life-course approach to ageing.  

AGE Work Programme 2023

See an overview of our activities in 2023

AGE objectives for 2022

In 2022, our work will be organised around the following objectives:

Promoting age equality in an ageing EU

  • Advocating for the adoption of a EU Age Equality Strategy that will help to mainstream ageing and advance equality and human rights at all ages in all EU actions.
  • Developing advocacy training and toolkits on age equality and the human rights-based approach to ageing, including through specific projects namely ECE-POP, Agisme dans le Gard and Smart Against Ageism

Ensuring equal participation and autonomy of older people

  • Influencing the content of the upcoming EU Care Strategy based on our  vision of long-term care. This common vision of care for older people, rooted in empowerment and autonomy, will also guide us in different EU-funded research projects like InAdvanceSHAPESValueCare.
  • Compiling inspiring  practices in employment as part of the AGE Barometer 2023.
  • Highlighting barriers, such as ageism and the lack of accessibility, to a true digital revolution. Through various EU-funded projects, such as FAIThe-VITAUrbanagePharaon and SHAPES, AGE will root for more inclusive societies, also through the use of digital technologies

Raising the voice of older people experiencing multiple discrimination

  • Raising the voice of older people experiencing multiple discrimination, namely reviewing the EU Gender Strategy from an ageing perspective.

Making our voice stronger

Our internal efforts will be equally strategic to improve our sustainability, secure our independence and develop our sphere of influence

  • Revising our working methods and tools to improve the ownership and capacity of our members to engage with the network.
  • Developing peer support and knowledge transfer between our members
  • Reaching out to new partners to diversify our sources of income and increasing the number of older people we represent.

For more details, read our January 2022 Special Briefing and see this two-pager for an overview.

AGE internal strategy for 2022-2025

Our yearly objectives ensue from our internal 4-year strategic plan. drafted and adopted by AGE members.


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