Areas of work

We work to ensure that the voice of older people is taken into account in European policies that affect them, in line with our mission and core values. The ultimate goal of our work is to promote a society for all ages in which everyone has equal opportunities to be included and participate at all stages of their lives. To achieve this, we support throughout our work a rights-based and life-course approach to ageing.

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We fight for equal rights at all ages so that, no matter our age, we can participate fully in society and live in dignity

We call for greater recognition of the potential and experience of older people in the labour market and in society. 

We advocate for fair pensions and a Europe free from old-age poverty and social exclusion. 

We advocate to ensure the highest status of health and access to empowering care and support for people of all ages.

We advocate for accessible and age-friendly environments to enhance autonomy and participation of older people. 

Willing to contribute to the research on ageing, we work to share the perspectives and experiences of older people in involving them directly in EU projects development, following a participatory approach.

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