‘HealthStart’: a co-designed volunteer-led health coaching programme for older adults

The ‘HealthStart  project is a partnership between the Singapore General hospital and the local NGO TRIGEN. It is a community-based programme aimed to improve the health and well-being of older people in Singapore by improving their health literacy and lifestyle via the adoption of digital technology. Young volunteers are recruited and trained to make monthly […]

Old’Up intergenerational festival fosters civic engagement

On 3 February, ahead of the upcoming EU Day of solidarity between generations, our French member OLD’UP (OLD’UP’s group Europe and the World), organized in partnership with several committed French-speaking associations, an intergenerational day to discuss and reflect on the Europe of tomorrow and encourage people to vote in the run-up to the elections. The […]

Best Friend Against Ageism provides learning material for intergenerational activities

Best Friends Against Ageism is an EU project aimed to address the isolation of older adults by developing an innovative curriculum for social care workers/volunteers and games that promote intergenerational communication and learning. The project seeks to address the negative attitudes against older adults and ageism which are increasingly becoming a significant challenge of modern […]

An intergenerational fashion show to change the way we look at old age

In France, on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons on 1st October and the publication of its report on the emotional, intimate and sexual life of older people, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres is taking action to change the way people look at old age and break negative age-related stigma. A fashion […]

Spanish project combines music and intergenerational exchange for the well-being of older people with dementia

Music has extraordinary benefits for the emotional well-being of people, including people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Relistening to songs that have been important throughout life has positive effects on the quality of life of people with cognitive impairment, connecting them with their past to relive sensations that seemed forgotten. Highlighting the beneficial effects of […]

Younger and older people create for each other in Greece during COVID-19

In the pandemic context where physical distance is imposed and cultural life is on hold, the Greek organisation ANTAMA wanted to engage with a cultural centre and give young and older people the chance to express themselves despite the COVID-19 limitations. On the occasion of the International Day of Museums on 18 May, the organisation […]

1lettre1sourire – Send a letter & make someone smile

1 Letter 1 Smile (1 Lettre 1 Sourire) allows everyone to write letters to isolated older people in just a few clicks and free of charge. This objective of the platform to break older people’s loneliness and bring them some joy through letters sent by strangers. This project was launched in France at the beginning […]

Learn with Grandma: teaching and learning across generations

Valerie Wood Gainger developed in Wales the project ‘Learn with Grandma‘ using technology to enhance intergenerational learning and interactions. The project shares inspiring stories about how grandparent-child relationships are working, and how grandparents are both learning from and teaching their grandchildren. Learn with Grandma aims to: Encourage parents and grandparents to instil a love of […]

Interactive exhibition fosters artistic exchange between generations in Belgium

Le ‘Gang des Vieux en Colère’ (the ‘angry old people’s gang’) has entered a project that has been selected as part of the art project ‘Next Generations Please’ from the Bozar in Brussels (Belgium). Its title is “Enquêtes de temps” (“Investigations of Time”), referring to time passing by, leaving its traces. “Enquêtes de temps” is […]

Young and older generations join forces to address COVID-19 crisis across Europe

The importance of intergenerational bonds may have never been more apparent than in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. While millions of people remain confined in their homes in solidarity with the healthcare workers and to protect those who are most at risks of severe COVID-19 health consequences, multiple initiatives are being taken by people of […]

Intergenerational mobilisation for climate in Brussels

photo from RTBF website – © M. Allot About a hundred grandparents, and a few younger ones, were demonstrating for the climate in the streets of Brussels last 20 June afternoon, taking over from the young students currently in exams. “Justice and climate, same fight,” stated some banners, summurinzing the need for all generations to […]

Portuguese Grandmas ‘come to work’ to have fun & bridge generations

‘Grandma Came To Work’ is both a design shop and a creative hub for 60+ women in Lisbon, Portugal. Participants are older women who create design objects and have fun, while breaking stereotypes and filling the gap between generations. They orgnised regular creative workshops – on silkscreening, embroidery and knitting – where everyone can meet, […]

Grand-parents worldwide get united for a sustainable planet

It is now scientifically proven that climate change will affect our whole world, our most essential resources, our way of life, our social relations and our security. In view of the urgent environmental challenges and the lack of adequate political response, older people across the world are getting mobilized to ensure a liveable planet for […]

Intergenerational housing program in Portugal

Aconchego is a intergenerational housing program implemented in Porto, a small city in the North of Portugal, in 2004, in order to combat older people’s loneliness and isolation, while providing accommodation for students. This programme is aimed to address two challenges in Porto: the city has university and higher education institutions which attract about 70.000 […]

Labolobo, an intergenerational laboratory in Brussels

The non-profit association Labolobo is a set of social cohesion projects that aim to bring generations together in urban areas. It seeks to restore links between generations through workshops, conferences, meetings, art and creativity activities. The association presents itself as a social and artistic laboratory, while “lobo” means “wolf” in Spanish, a figure that crosses […]

Intergenerational care and nursery home in the UK

Nightingale House is an intergenerational care facility set up in September 2017 in Wandsworth, London (UK), which hosts a nursery and a care home on the same site. This allows the children and the older residents to interact on a daily basis and enables the care home to integrate intergenerational exchanges into the delivery of […]

DUO for a JOB provides intergenerational career mentoring

‘When experience makes a difference’ DUO for a JOB brings together young jobseekers of migrant origin with persons aged 50 and over from the same professional sector, who will support them in their career plans. Once set up, the duets are supervised and accompanied by the association throughout the 6 months of mentoring. Through this […]

The ‘Together Project’ promotes intergenerational exchanges in UK care homes

The Together Project is a UK program of intergenerational activities aimed to foster social inclusion and interactions in residential care homes. The project was founded by Louise Goulden while on maternity leave to bring young and old together, help reduce loneliness and have a positive impact on residents who have dementia. You can read an […]

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