Learn with Grandma: teaching and learning across generations

LearnWithGrandma-image Valerie Wood Gainger developed in Wales the project ‘Learn with Grandma‘ using technology to enhance intergenerational learning and interactions. The project shares inspiring stories about how grandparent-child relationships are working, and how grandparents are both learning from and teaching their grandchildren.

Learn with Grandma aims to:

  • Encourage parents and grandparents to instil a love of learning, create lasting memories and have fun with their grandchildren.
  • Encourage respect between the generations and the transfer of skills across these generations – this includes older people learning technology skills from their children and grandchildren and younger people learning traditional skills from the older generations.
  • Create local and internet support networks for grandparents, parents and children.

Read more on this initiative in this blog article.

Visit the project Facebook pages: for Wales and at intenational level

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