Intergenerational mobilisation for climate in Brussels


photo from RTBF website – © M. Allot

About a hundred grandparents, and a few younger ones, were demonstrating for the climate in the streets of Brussels last 20 June afternoon, taking over from the young students currently in exams.

“Justice and climate, same fight,” stated some banners, summurinzing the need for all generations to get mobilized for our common future.

This date of 20 June was not chosen at random since it was the day on which the newly elected members of Parliament were to take oath. Together with the climate coalition, which brings together all the organizations that are working to fight global warming, ‘Grandparents for Climate’ has written a letter to all the new parliamentarians to invite them to an inter-parliamentary lunch at the beginning of September. Then they will explain their expectations from the Parlement and the new climate laws to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with specific targets for 2030.

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