Labolobo, an intergenerational laboratory in Brussels


The non-profit association Labolobo is a set of social cohesion projects that aim to bring generations together in urban areas. It seeks to restore links between generations through workshops, conferences, meetings, art and creativity activities. The association presents itself as a social and artistic laboratory, while “lobo” means “wolf” in Spanish, a figure that crosses all ages and is attractive to young and old.

Labolobo was created in 2014 in Jette, in the north of Brussels (Belgium) after her co-founder, Giulia Sugranyes, noticed a clear separation between the different age groups.

“Everything is organized for a homogeneous management by generation, which represents a significant human impoverishment. Although many seniors’ institutions are close to schools, there is nothing to connect seniors and children”, noted the Spanish woman.

Today, a variety of weekly artistic activities are proposed, including a choir, knitting and drawing workshops, yoga, danse, but also homework support.

“Artistic activity is a binder. It creates enriching and positive links between ages.”, adds Giulia Sugranyes, who is a contemporary dancer.

Yves, in his seventies, has been participating in singing workshop every Wednesday for three years: “I love singing, and the idea of sharing this moment with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter made me very happy.” As Catherine, Yves’ daughter-in-law, adds, “Labolobo is an opportunity for the youngest to see the positive aspects of older people”. Each workshop effectively gives an active role to the older participants who can transmit their knowledge and value their experience, while breaking their isolation.

Read more on Labolobo’s website and in this newspaper article in French

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