Dignified & Healthy Ageing

We advocate to ensure the highest status of health and access to empowering care and support for people of all ages.

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The context

Many older persons in need of care are currently excluded from care services, because these are unavailable or unaffordable, because they may not have the choice of the care service they would like to access, or because of the poor quality of these services. More than half of older persons who need care services are at risk of poverty, even after public support. Informal carers are upholding how they can as 80% of care is provided by unpaid family members or friends, exposing themselves to health and financial risks.

Services fail to ensure the participation of older people to society and their ability to remain integrated in their communities. Moreover, health and social care most often continue to function in an uncoordinated way, which affects the quality, continuity and person-centeredness of services.

Our key messages 

We believe that health and care are fundamental rights and enablers to age in dignity and participate in society. It is vital to ensure that needing care does not push anyone into poverty, isolation or situations of abuse and neglect. Older people should enjoy a right to access to a choice of long-term care and support services that are community-based, allow for independent living and address individual needs.

This policy area covers access, quality and social protection for physical and mental health and long-term care as well as the fight against abuse and neglect.


We work on:

  • Strengthening of preventive health and health promotion policies at all ages
  • Universal access to quality health, care and support services for all persons
  • Care services that are patient-centred and empower persons across their lifespan
  • Fight against abuse and neglect by prevention, research, access to help and remedies
  • EU standards for quality LTC based on our European Quality Framework for long-term care services
  • Support for informal carers in terms of financial compensation, supporting services and reconciliation of care with private and professional life
  • Better working conditions and training of professional care workers
Healthy ageing is the process of optimising opportunities for physical, social and mental health to enable older people to take an active part in society without discrimination and to enjoy an independent and good quality of life.
Healthy Ageing, a challenge for Europe

Some Figures

care needs
1 in 0

About 1 in 3 older persons in the EU have needs for care and support. Among those with heavy needs almost half do not access adequate care.

of care
0 %

is provided by unpaid family members or friends.

of informal carers
0 %

are women, a gender imbalance that increases with age and has an impact on their work.

> 0 %

of older persons who need care services are at risk of poverty, even after public support. 

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Julia Wadoux

Policy Manager on Healthy Ageing and Accessibility

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