Share your initiatives for quality integrated long-term care in Europe

As part of the Laurel project, AGE is looking for integrated long-term care initiatives on the national, regional or local level. Laurel is a Horizon Europe funded project aiming to develop actionable policies for adopting high-quality integrated long-term care.

In detail, we are looking for initiatives that:

  • focus on integrated long-term care which means combining different types of services and assistance with the objective of optimising their delivery to the people that need help with daily living activities and/or are in need of some permanent nursing care.
  • encompass integrated care and long-term care.
  • aimed at enhancing service integration across health and social sectors. Initiatives should incorporate some form of coordination mechanism, such as case management, multidisciplinary teams, joint working, and care planning, along with structured information sharing;
  • can be in various phases, including development, implementation, or evaluation.

If you know of any integrated long-term care initiatives in your community, region or country, please get in contact with Sofia Nunes and Vera Hörmann


Vera Hörmann

Project Officer

Sofia Nunes

Project Officer

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