Care must empower us throughout our lives – AGE position paper

Throughout 2021, we organised a series of workshops with our members to discuss the change we want to see in care in Europe. Our ‘Rethinking care process’ involved 60 individuals from AGE member organisations in 18 European countries. AGE-position-paper-on-care-Dec2021-cover

This paper is the result of the views shared in these workshops and by AGE members in our Task Force on Dignified Ageing, a working group that contributes to specifically shaping our work on care for older people.

As the voice of older people in Europe, we call for care systems that empower people at all stages of their lives, enable their participation and support their autonomy. Care systems that ensure older people can be part of society as equal and full citizens.

For that we need a sustained long-term vision of care for older people that supports a more positive image of ageing and affirms quality care as a social right.

This brief begins with an overview of the status quo in care today. It then presents AGE’s vision of care, and the changes that are needed to materialise it. We end with a reflection on the role the European Care Strategy can play to trigger ambitious care reforms.

Read our position paper on care

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We call for a new vision of long-term care that supports autonomy and participation

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