Healthy Ageing & Prevention Index: how do countries perform worldwide?

The International Longevity Centre – ILC is seizing the momentum of the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris to remind that sports and fitness play an important role in people’s ability to live well and for longer. But, of course, no one is expected to live, train, and diet like an Olympian, and national states have an important role to play in supporting healthy lifestyles and providing quality health care and services. This is why ILC sees the 2024 Olympics this summer si for ILC as an opportunity to engage with policymakers and health stakeholders on prevention and to make the case for better investment in longer healthier lives.

How well do countries perform in supporting healthy ageing?

In order to measure countries’ performance in terms of longer lives and investment to prevent ill health and support healthy ageing, ILC has developed a Healthy Ageing and Prevention Index that ranks 121 countries against six indicators: life span, health span, work span, income, environmental performance, and happiness.

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