Solidarity between Generations

Join our campaign for more solidarity between generations in Europe!


Since 2008, AGE has been involved involved in an awareness-raising campaign to attract the attention of politicians at European, national, regional and local levels on how to rethink the concept of solidarity and coorperation between generations and bring more intergenerational fairness and social justice.

The cornerstone of this campaign is the European Day of Solidarity between Generations, celebrated for the first time on 29th April 2009. The European Day offers the momentum to raise awareness of the positive impact intergenerational links have in the context of population ageing and remind of the key role each generation plays – and should be empowered to play – to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Fourteen years later the issue is more topical than ever!

Intergenerational solidarity & cooperation: key to fight ageism & support a society for all ages

Ageism and negative attitudes towards certain age groups are dividing people of different generations and creating barriers to their full participation in society. Those stereotypes, acquired at a very young age, usually arise from a lack of understanding of the realities in which other age groups live. Fostering regular interaction among people from different age groups can help break down stereotypes, enhancing awareness of the diversity of situations within an age group and of the common challenges being faced.

At the same time, promoting intergenerational solidarity and cooperation can help respond to some of our current societal challenges, in making the best use of what all of us can contribute regardless of our age. And with real economic and social benefits for all.

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The EU Day: a bit of history

In 2008: At a EU Conference in Brdo, Slovenia on 28 – 29 April 2008 the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union announced that it was proposing to declare 29 April European Day of solidarity and cooperation between generations. The first EU Day was officially launched on 29 April 2009.

In 2009 and 2010, AGE published two major publications explaining the challenge of solidarity between generations and its role in achieving social cohesion and addressing demographic ageing:

Since then AGE has been promoting this Day every year.

Read more on our past action and calls

What can you do to support our campaign?

  • Use the logo of the EU Day on your website, social media or on any relevant publication to mark the Day.
  • Organize around that day an intergenerational event, policy debate, or activity at grass root level and share the information with us for dissemination. (Some further ideas can be found in our toolkit to mark the first EU Day: ENFR)
  • Send us your intergenerational projects or good practice for further promotion within AGE network.

If you wish to share with us activities or examples of good practice, please contact Anne Mélard, Information and Communication Officer,


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