EU Day of Solidarity between Generations launches the ‘United Across Generations’ Declaration

On 29 April 2024, the European Day of Solidarity between Generations, initiated by AGE Platform Europe, will mark its 15th edition with the public launch of the Declaration entitled “United Across Generations.”

This declaration, drafted jointly by AGE Platform Europe and the European Youth Forum (EYF) as part of the MEET Project, reflects the common values, interests, and challenges shared by both the young and old populations. The declaration also calls for the 2024-2029 European political cycle to promote the benefits of intergenerational dialogue and connection for society.

Read more in our joint AGE-EYF press release and find quotes from Members of the European Parliament reflecting on the importance of fostering a culture of solidarity between generations. 

“Both young and old people have similar needs and interests. Both need an accepting social environment and reliable material living conditions. Both must cope in a constantly changing environment and defend themselves against discrimination based on their age. Both are concerned about natural resources and suffer from the consequences of climate change. And both generations long for a world in which they can live their lives in peace.”

“Intergenerational dialogue and connection are essential for building a society based on mutual respect and genuine understanding. Over the past year, local community democracy festivals supported by the European Youth Forum and the AGE Platform Europe have brought together older and younger people to discuss their priorities for the European Elections 2024. Moments like these are vital for deepening an appreciation of how our shared and distinctive challenges can be tackled, to the benefit of not only generations alive today - but all generations to come.”

Photo credit: Centre for Ageing Better



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