Themeageism, human rights

Timeline: 2022 – 2024

Keywordsintergenerational, democracy, European elections


In the context of the upcoming European elections, the CERV project MEET “Mobilise Europe = Engaging Together” will offer space for diverse groups of European citizens to bring Europe to a local level, through an innovative set of activities that encourage continuous activism and interaction with European politicians.

The MEET project aims to:

  • Debate European policies on a local level – let’s discuss Europe together! Provide young and older activists with the tools and training they need to become more active in their democratic participation.
  • Celebrate democracy with citizens of all generations- let’s celebrate our Europe together! Create spaces where citizens from different backgrounds can connect, regardless of age, learn from each other, acquire civic skills and learn more about the European Union and its role in their everyday lives.
  • Mobilise activists and overcome COVID-19 fatigue – let’s get active together! Create opportunities for young and older people to enter together in a dialogue with politicians ahead of the European elections.

Activist activities mobilising younger and older people together

The project will organise local debates and training in debating skills and critical thinking.

The project will organise EU Democracy festivals where younger and older people will participate together to events fostering an intergenerational dialogue and celebrate democracy with citizens of all generations.

By drawing up an intergenerational declaration, the project will target current and future members of the European Parliament in order to rally them to the cause of the rights of young people and older people in Europe and thus mobilise European citizens to get closer to Europe.

AGE involvement

AGE Platform Europe through MEET will work together with European Youth Forum to deliver :

  • 1 intergenerational declaration crafted by European Youth Forum and AGE Platform Europe secretariat
  • 8 local meet-up with MEPs beforehand the election
  • 5 advocacy meetings with EU parties beforehand the election
  • 10 Advocacy meetings with elected MEPs after the election
  • Coalition with Brussels based organisation to promote solidarity between generations


  • European Youth Forum (YFJ)
  • Young European Federalists Europe (JEF Europe)
  • Assembly of European Regions (AER)
  • Klaipeda Municipality
  • Young European Federalists France (JEF France)
  • Young European Federalists Italy (GFE)
  • Young European Federalists Spain (JEF Spain)
  • Youth Council of Spain (CJE)
  • National Youth Council of Italy (CNG)
  • Youth Council of Romania (CTR)
  • Cyprus Youth Council (CYC)
  • Latvian European Youth
  • Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT)
  • Croatian Youth Council (MHH)
  • National Youth Council of Slovenia (MSS)
  • National Youth Forum of Bulgaria (NMF)
  • National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)
  • Austrian National Youth Council (ÖJV)
  • Polish Council of Youth Organisations (PROM)
  • Slovak Youth Council (RMS)
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • Attīstības Platforma YOU+
  • Old’Up
  • ATD Fourth World
  • European Disability Forum (EDF)
  • Forum Of European Muslim Youth And Student Organisations (FEMYSO)

Useful links

Website of MEET 



MariNE luc

Project Officer

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