DIGITOL_Logo_pinkTheme: digital divide, digital literacy, disinformation

Timeline: January 2020 - December 2021

> Key words: active citizenship, digital literacy, participation, Internet use, information society, intergenerational knowledge transfer



The purpose of the DIGITOL project is to combat the effect and the spread of fake-news by developing older persons' digital literacy and promoting EU common values among older citizens. The project aims to combat discrimination, promote social cohesion, solidarity, and active citizenship of older individuals by increasing the awareness about the role of misinformation through social media and digital means. 

To achieve the above, DIGITOL will use innovative intergenerational educational practices and engage older adults in non-formal education and co-created training opportunities. 


Expected results

Eventually, the project will deliver:

  • Country context analysis reports about the digital integration of older adults and tools available in the four pilot countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy) to improve older persons' digital literacy and thwart the spread of fake-news
  • A Digital Social Academy e-learning platform gathering educational material
  • A Network of 40 young ambassadors capable of training older adults
  • A Capacity-Building Programme for 100 older adults to attend workshops and webinars


AGE involvement

The role of AGE in the consortium is to twofold:

  1. contribute to understanding the digital participation of seniors, the nature of fake news, and identifying the best European practices in adult education
  2. engage with the relevant European stakeholders, devise a sustainability plan for the future of DIGITOL and participate in the dissemination of the project results.



The DIGITOL consortium covers 6 European countries, namely: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Romania, and relies on the specific expertise of each organisation.

  • CCB (Italy), Pro Arbeit (Germany), 50+ Hellas (Greece), and Znanie (Bulgaria) will pilot the Digital Social Academy, recruit participants and organise the trainings at local level.
  • Tree (Estonia) will be in charge of the digital communication and dissemination activities.
  • AGE (Belgium) will lead the upscaling and sustainability of the project outputs. 

Among the DIGITOL partners, we are pleased to count on 50+Hellas, a Greek member of AGE, who has a long-standing experience in running European and national projects to develop the digital literacy of older adults.


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