CEOMA accredits age-friendly companies in Spain

AGE Spanish member CEOMA has developed an accreditation scheme for age-friendly companies that commit to combating discrimination and exclusion in older age, for instance by addressing the needs of older people when designing products or services or supporting age diversity among their working forces. To get accredited, companies must undergo an assessment carried out by […] a German online portal to promote learning in old age is an internet portal of BAGSO – Federal Association of Senior Citizens’ Organisations and AGE’s member organisation in Germany. Created in 2017 with the support of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), the portal provides nationwide information and resources to promote learning and education in old age and […]

Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe – Comparative synthesis report

Social enterprises are businesses whose primary goal is to generate positive social impact. The can help pursue fair demographic, green and digital transitions, in delivering e.g. essential care services, providing job opportunities for disadvantaged groups, or addressing a wider range of societal challenges. Social entreprises exist in every European country, yet they are sometimes rather […]

UK insurance company provides targeted guidance for its 45+ workers

The UK insurer Aviva is launching this year its ‘mid-life MOT’, a new guidance scheme for its mid-life workers. The programme will help them review where they are today and reflect on their future expectations, covering 3 areas: career, wellbeing and finances. In particular it will serves three purposes: Review: Encourages employees to review their […]

Dutch collective ‘generation pact’ between older and younger workers

The Dutch unions FNV and CNV have concluded a collective agreement with the health care provider Fokus, which includes a ‘generation pact’ allowing for working hours to be transferred from older to newer employees, while safeguarding pension rights. This agreement enables workers within four years before their retirement to reduce their working hours by 20% […]

‘Les Compagnons dépanneurs’ promotes senior volunteering and supports disadvantaged persons in Belgium

Since several decades now, the Belgian non-for-profit assocation ‘Les Compagnons Déménageurs‘ have been offering support to disadvantaged persons across Belgium. A wide range of services are provided by more than 270 volunteers aged between 15 and 85: housing rehabilitation or repair support, such as painting and wallpapering or plumbing/electricity/carpentry work, and other services such as […]

Fit2work advises and supports on health problems at work

Fit2work is an Austrian initiative that supports long-term employment in line with the worker’s health needs. It provides free advisory services if your job is at risk because of health problems or if you have difficulty finding work. It is also aimed at people who have been / are in hospital for a long time […] an online platform for senior workers

To boost the employment of seniors in France, a new web platform has been created: The online service provides 66 employment categories split in three themes: jobs proposed by private individuals, jobs proposed by professional and seniors’ applications. The types of job offers are very wide: it ranges from child care to corporate counselling. […]

Free taxi service to polling station in France

A French taxi driver from the Côtes d’Armor region (Brittany) offers free taxi services to bring older people to the polling stations for the upcoming elections in France. Although it is possible for seniors to vote by proxy, this is not always simple and it requires asking a reliable person in one’s surrounding. Since the […]

Wooln, a knitwear brand employing retired women in New York

In New York, the online knitwear brand Wooln, created by two young French entrepreneurs, sells wollen clothes and accessories knitted by retired older women. The initiative helps older women to increase their old age income while using fair trade and ecological materials. Read more:

Locally funded driving classes for seniors

In France and Belgium, driving courses funded by municipalities or provinces are proposed to senior motorists over 65 willing to refresh or update their driving knowledge and practices. As they advance in age, some people may not feel so comfortable with driving. Road traffic has increased a lot over the last decades and car technology […]

Seniors support seniors at Krakow Senior Center

Krakow Senior Center is based on the “Senior for Seniors” principle and aims to activating and integrating older people. The work of the Centre involves about 20 seniors around 7 work packages… 1.organizing and coordinating the activities of the center, 2.cooperation with media and promotion the center, 3. Cooperation with senior’s clubs, NGOs and parishes, […]

Retired Senior Volunteer Programme in London, UK

Created in 1988, the Retired Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) is part of the national charity CSV (Community Service Volunteers), the UK’s main volunteering association. RSVP aims to combat social isolation and the feeling of aimlessness among seniors while using their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the local community. The programme, led by volunteers, […]

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