Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe – Comparative synthesis report

SocialEnterprises_EUreport_Jan2020-cover Social enterprises are businesses whose primary goal is to generate positive social impact. The can help pursue fair demographic, green and digital transitions, in delivering e.g. essential care services, providing job opportunities for disadvantaged groups, or addressing a wider range of societal challenges.

Social entreprises exist in every European country, yet they are sometimes rather invisible and not well known. Many of them do not even identify as or call themselves social enterprises. This publication sheds light on this lesser known segment of the economy in Europe. It analyzes the key findings from 35 separate country reports and draws a European picture of social enterprises and the environments in which they operate, the “ecosystems”. This picture includes a variety of traditions, public policies, diverse legal and institutional frameworks, bottom-up initiatives taken by groups of citizens, and many hurdles and obstacles but also new opportunities.

Read more and download the reports (EU level synthesis report + separate country reports)

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