UK insurance company provides targeted guidance for its 45+ workers

3431_Older couple in park with London in background-Aviva_image The UK insurer Aviva is launching this year its ‘mid-life MOT’, a new guidance scheme for its mid-life workers. The programme will help them review where they are today and reflect on their future expectations, covering 3 areas: career, wellbeing and finances.

In particular it will serves three purposes:

  • Review: Encourages employees to review their wealth, work and wellbeing at this mid-point in their lives
  • Reposition: Supports employees in their repositioning towards a longer working life
  • Retain: Supports the retention of valuable skills and experience held by this growing population

The “Mid-Life MOT” will include guidance seminars covering senior workers’ wealth, work and wellbeing.

Read more in Aviva’s article

A joint report on case studies of mid-life MOT was published in September 2018. You can access this report on the UK Center for Ageing Better website.

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