Violence against women : our members act to end it

As part of our work for a Europe where gender equality becomes a reality, we are joining forces with other organisations in the civil society-led European Coalition to End violence against women and girls. This is a good forum to ensure the realities of older women, whom are most often ignored, are truly part of debates. Besides our work at European level, our members are active in their countries and regions to end violence against women. Actions include petitions, campaigns, trainings and surveys, with a focus on older women.

Recent actions include those of our Dutch member organisation Older Women’s Network Netherlands (OWN-NL), NVR-petitie-image which is promoting a campaign calling for a better coordination of support services to women that are victims of violence in the country. As part of this campaign, an online petition has been launched requesting the appointment of a central, national coordination for the implementation of the Istanbul Convention to combat all forms of violence against women and girls:

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To break the spiral of gender violence, 50&Piu, AGE member in Italy calls for the development and dissemination – at all levels of society – of a “culture of respect” that would help break down deeply rooted stereotypes.

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slachtofferhulp_nl In the Netherlands, our Dutch member KBO-PCOB held a survey of victims of violence that found that many people who help their loved ones face all kinds of questions: Am I reacting correctly? How do others do it? How do I keep track of my own limits?

To help answer their questions, KBO-PCOB, together with Victim Support Netherlands, are organising a webinar on 10 November from 10 to 11 a.m. about help for victims. Both getting and giving help will be discussed.

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navrh-bez-nazvu-7 In the Czech Republich ZIVOT90 is organising a series of 4 self-defense seminars for older people to get acquainted with the basics and principles of self-defense while going through physical training. The seminars will also provide information on the prevention and use of common items for self-defense.
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