United Nations Independent Expert launches consultations on inequalities in old age


The Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, Claudia Mahler, is mandated by the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council to report on developments, challenges and protection gaps in the realization of the rights of older persons. She is also in charge of assessing the implementation of national, regional and international standards and identify best practices relevant to the rights of older persons.

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In order to prepare her upcoming reports, which will be presented at the UN Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly, the Independent Expert seeks contributions from States, national human rights institutions, civil society, and other stakeholders on:

  • Ageism and age discrimination
    The Expert will analyse possible causes and manifestations of ageism and age discrimination, look at best practices, review how existing international, regional and national legal frameworks are used to protect against age discrimination and provide recommendations.
    Respond to the questionnaire on ageism and access guidelines
  • Older women
    The Expert will examine how older women experience ageing differently and what specific human rights concerns and challenges they face, identify good practices, and formulate recommendations.
    Respond to the questionnaire on older women and access guidelines

Both consultations are open until 22 March 2021.

Photos taken from UN Twitter account (@UN_SPExperts)

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