‘Understanding Employment Participation of Older Workers’ report published

The Joint Programming Initiative ‘More Years, Better Lives’ has published one of its first outcome, a series of papers on employment participation of older workers. The papers cover 11 countries and summarise the research about the decision to retire early or not. The papers take a multi-dimensional approach, looking at financial, health and family factors as much as on motivation, the legislative framework and workability.

The papers cover Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland Sweden and the UK.They are available on the website of ‘More Years, Better Lives’: www.jp-demographic.eu/about/fast-track-projects/understanding-employment

The Joint Programming Initiative ‘More Years, Better Lives’ is a concerted effort of a number of European countries and Canada to co-ordinate their research funding on demographic change. In total, 11 research areas will be covered by this 4-year initiative. The papers on employment participation are part of a front-loaded effort to investigate the changes of labour markets specifically. Other research areas will be up for funding in a couple of weeks, after the launch of the first call deriving from the Joint Programming Initiative.

For more information, please contact Philippe Seidel from the AGE secretariat:philippe.seidel@age-platform.eu

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