Together against Parkinson’s: call for ambassadors!

You have always wanted … to get involved in a social initiative?
____________________… to accelerate the advancement of science?
____________________… to participate in a large-scale research project?

Become an ambassador of i-PROGNOSIS
and contribute to improve the early detection of Parkinson’s!

The i-PROGNOSIS project aims at developing a mobile application to support early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and to improve the quality of life of diagnosed patients. As the second year of the project starts, we are recruiting ambassadors for the promotion of the mobile application that will permit to gather anonymised data relating to early PD symptoms.

Ambassadors will be in charge of inviting individuals to download the application and thus anonymously participate to the clinical trial. Ambassadors will receive all the necessary tools for the recruitment of new volunteers (campaigning material). The recruitment will take place from March to June 2017.

A significant number of participants is of utmost importance to make sure the clinical trial collects enough data for the medical teams to research it!

You are interested in becoming an ambassador?
Please drop us an email by 12th February 2017 at:!

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