i-PROGNOSIS logo> Theme: Parkinson's disease early detection and interventions

> Timeline: February 2016 - January 2020

> Key words: health, ICT, digital health



Parkinsons’ Disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system which affects around 6.3 million people worldwide, most of them aged 55 and over. Symptoms appear gradually and slowly get worse and making it difficult to diagnose. Today there is still no specific test for the condition and treatment options only help to manage PDs symptoms. This is why the i-PROGNOSIS consortium has joined forces to build early detection test and design innovative interventions using the potential of new technologies such as smart phone and smart watch.

The main aim of i-PROGNOSIS is to do analyse the behaviour of a large-scale community when using daily new technologies, such as smart phones. The data will be used to develop a model to capture as early as possible, the appearance of Parkison’s Disease symptoms, notably in relation to progressive frailty, falls and emotional shift towards depression. To do so, i-PROGNOSIS proposes a radically novel approach by using large scale collection of users’ data from the natural use of their smartphone, and eventually their smartwatch, thanks to a dedicated application. The project will also develop interventions to improve the quality of life of patients and when relevant, the participants will be proposed to use them, this being done in close partnership with their doctors.

How will i-PROGNOSIS finally work? Illustration


Project Consortium

i-PROGNOSIS is a research project funded by the EU Research Programme Horizon 2020 (GA 690494). Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the Coordinator of the i-PROGNOSIS Project with a consortium consisting of 11 partners from six European countries: 

    • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
    • Microsoft Innovation Center Greece
    • COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A.
  • BELGIUM: Age Platform Europe
    • Technische Universität Dresden
    • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
    • Faculdade de Motricidade Humana
    • PLUX Wireless Biosignals S.A.
    • Karolinska Institutet
    • King’s College London

In this project, AGE Platform Europe represents the users and will contribute with its expertise on user participation and the interaction of older persons with new technologies. AGE is also coordinating the dissemination and communication around the project, in particular by setting up the i-PROGNOSIS Community.


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Short Description: 
- Moving towards early detection of Parkinsons’ Disease and enhanced supportive interventions
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