‘The Age of No Retirement?’ promotes age-positive social change in the UK

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ – ‘A national debate about the opportunities in a society where we live longer’ – is a collaborative movement for age-positive social change in the United Kingdom, which was launched in London in October 2013. It brings together employers, policy makers, innovators, designers, academics and citizens of all ages willing to create a society without age barriers, where skills, capabilities, knowledge and wisdom are valued whatever your age.

‘The Age of No Retirement?’ focuses on doing things differently, namely by…

  • adopting a design-led innovative approach to everything they do – capturing people’s imaginations and inspiring engagement and positive action;
  • providing a collective space for all organisations to share their age-positive stories and learn from each other’s social, personal and economic impacts;
  • building on work already done and co-design project prototypes for rapid implementation – within the workplace, within communities.

For more information, visit www.ageofnoretirement.org

TheAgeOfNoRetirement UK April2015The movement has been organizing a number of seminars to explore and discuss the opportunities that the increase in life expectancy could mean for everyone- in work, in education, in the communities, and in the society as a whole.

The next event (‘Exploring the value within a society where people are living longer’) will take on 27-29 April 2015 in Manchester and will focus on four themes: the inter-/multi-generational approach of communication and productivity, adapted design, whole-life perspective approach, and longer working careers. 600 participants form 300 organisations are expected to take part.

Read the agenda of the event here

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