Spain approves eliminating mechanical restraints in residential care following CEOMA campaign

CEOMA_logo Good news in Spain! The Spanish Congressional Commission on Health and Social Services has approved the proposal of AGE’s Spanish member organisation CEOMA asking for the elimination of mechanical and chemical restraints in all geriatric centres and residences in a gradual but timely manner.

This has been the result of a long lobby campaign showing the extremely good statistics of those residencies that, after a two years training period delivered by CEOMA
(as part of its programme To Untie the Elderly and the Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease), had received the corresponding accreditation as restraint free centres.

Read more in CEOMA’s press release

AGE congratulates CEOMA for this important achievement, which is a good example of concrete positive outcome that can be reached by civil society organisations at EU, national, regional or local level thanks to their intensive lobbying action to protect the rights of older people and constructive cooperation and dialogue. However we hope that the Spanish government will soon adopt the full CEOMA ‘s proposal which also includes the elimination of chemical restraints. Indeed we fear the the elimination of mechanical restraints only might increase use of chemical restraints.

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