SCRIPT (Supervised Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-Robotics)

The SCRIPT project began in November 2011 & will last for 36 months. Due to the high costs of clinical neuro-rehabilitation, post stroke treatments are limited in many countries to only a few weeks after the stroke event. Any system aimed at prolonging neuro-rehabilitation out of the clinics, for example at patients’ homes; that can use low cost treatments, addresses a major issue in our current health care management systems.

How SCRIPT will contribute

The SCRIPT project will produce two prototype robotic devices, a passive‐actuated device and one actuated actively but safely, both of which can be used in the stroke patient’s home. Provision of motivating and challenging therapeutic activities using a robotic hand and wrist rehabilitation device at home, will provide a chance for more frequent therapies and interactions. It is thought that such frequent interaction will further influence recovery at chronic phases of stroke rehabilitation.

The principal aims of SCRIPT are to:

  • use such rehabilitative technologies at patient’s home to enable better management of chronic stroke patients
  • focus on hand and wrist exercise; as this presents the least researched area with the most functional relevance and potential for contribution to personal independence.
  • look at differences between passive and active actuated devices.
  • provide an educational, motivational and engaging interaction, therefore making a therapy session more enjoyable for patients.
  • focus on remote management and support of the patient.
  • deduce from summative evaluation in this project, the impact on health and recovery and its potential cost implications.

After their discharge from the hospital a patient can begin using the SCRIPT developed robotic tools at home. SCRIPT systems will be adaptive to the user requirements and provide immediate performance feedback to a patient. The feedback will also be provided to an “off-site” health care professional with in‐depth considerations for security and confidentiality, who can remotely monitor progress, make adjustments to the support that the device provides. We believe that the SCRIPT systems will be beneficial to patient recovery and can assist with improving their quality of life. SCRIPT will reduce hospital and home visits for patients & carers, and therefore will have a large impact on reducing hospital costs; improving the quality and standards of care.

The SCRIPT project is partially funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.

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