Result of Enéo’s survey on how older people live their retirement

Enéo logoAs part of the project “Une vie après le travail” (a life beyond employment), the Belgian Senior organisation Enéo has carried out a survey among 2496 French-speaking Belgian pensioners of various age and backgrounds in order to enquire about their level of safistaction after retirement.

9 out of 10 respondents reports to be satisfied – or even very satisfied – of their retirement period, in particular with regard to their social lives and their lives with their partner, while they feel health and financial resources are more of an issue. More than 4 out of 10 reports that their financial situation has got worse after retirement.
The study also shows the importance of preparing one’s retirement. Seniors who had leisure activities next to their professional and family lives before they got retired are likely to feel happier after retirement.
The retirement age also play a part in pensioners’ wellbeing. The seniors who got retired at an later age tend to be less satisfied of their retirement. 60 is reported to be the ideal age to retire.

Read more (in French) on this survey in Enéo’s press release

The projet “Une vie après le travail” will be officially launched at the ‘Couleurs Aînés’ festival on 6-7 November in Brussels

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