Psychosocial Risks & Older Workers’ Health – Strategies for a healthier workplace

EuroHealthNet-brief-olderWorkers-psychosocialRisks-2022-cover This policy brief by EuroHealthNet proposes strategies for mitigating psychosocial risks to older workers’ (age 55-65+) health in the workplace.

Older workers tend to experience more psychosocial risks than other age groups. However, when adequately supported and protected, they are an asset to an organisation, economy, and society. Promoting mental health at work is key to ensuring healthy and active ageing for all. It can delay the need for care and prevent premature retirement and disability.

In its brief EuroHealthNet makes six recommendations for mitigating psychosocial risks at work to be adopted by employers and taken forward by policy-makers. These will benefit all workers, but especially older workers.

  • Encourage lifelong learning and development of diverse skillsets
  • Offer options for flexible working
  • Leverage ‘bidirectional’ mentoring processes
  • Offer flexible retirement structures
  • Establish supportive policies and strengthen organisational capacities for health benefits
  • Identify (mental) ‘health promotors’ and promising programmes.

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