Maturolife_updated_logo > Theme:     Assistive Technologies for Independent Urban Living

> Timeline:   1 January 2018 – 31 May 2021

> Keywords: assisstive technology, independent living, assissted living, co-design co-creation smart textiles smart fabrics, eHealth,  urban living, electrochemistry, nanotechnology  

MATUROLIFE used a genuine co-design approach involving older people and informal carers in 9 countries working alongside designers to prototype functional and fashionable footwear, clothing and furniture using smart fabrics.


Maturolife created prototypes for:

  • Clothing that helps maintain body temperature
  • Footwear that supports balance and helps prevent falls
  • Furniture that helps maintain a good sleep routine and encourage activity

From the experience of the co-design workshops, a manual on co-creation was derived.

AGE involvement

AGE Platform Europe was responsible to ensure the involvement of older persons as end-users, by running a Stakeholder Representative Panel over the course of the project and by recruiting individuals to participate to the co-creation workshops and the testing of the developed solutions.



Vera Hörmann

Project Officer


IleniA Gheno

Project Manager

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