Frailsafe project logo > Theme: Frailty prevention

> Timeline: January 2016 – April 2019

> Key Words: frailty, prevention, ICT


FrailSafe used technology collecting relevant data to detect patterns helping physicians, practitioners and carers prevent frailty through early intervention.


The EU Frailsafe solution offers an integrated assessment system, complementing traditional clinical assessments with a smart garment, indoor/outdoor monitoring and localization and virtual augmented reality/serious games.

In order to better understand where this point lies and how to delay it, FrailSafe medical and technical partners have been working hard since January to select the technology that will help them collect relevant data and, in the future, detect some patterns that will help physicians, practitioners and carers prevent frailty through early intervention.

Leaflet describing the solution and how it works (click here)

AGE involvement

AGE Platform Europe involved older people to support the designers and developers. We were also responsible for managing the dissemination activities to achieve greater visibility of the project outcomes.

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