‘My People Care’ stores and shares medical records via the patient’s smartphone

MyPeopleCare logoMy People Care is a platform for people being cared for (e.g. an elderly parent, a sick child, an incapacitated adult) in their own home that allows them to keep track of their own medical information on their smartphone. It helps them easily record the outcome of medical visits, record their current medication, keep track of appointments even enter simple measurements (such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels or pain levels) and track them over time.

To facilitate continuity of care you can add designated carers that can also access your details pass on information to each other: non-professional caretakers (e.g. a daughter, a son, a neighbor) and professional caretakers (e.g. visiting nurse, a doctor).

This project was awarded the second prize at the FIWARE Smart Society Challenge (the prizes of Excellence and Smart Society Challenges) in October 2014.


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