Meet our new Members…

We are pleased to welcome this year four new member organisations within AGE network, which were officially presented at our General Assembly on 12 June:

SSR-CSA_logo CSA – Conseil Suisse des Aînés

The Swiss Seniors Council represents the economic and social interests of seniors within the Confederation, various associations and institutions, and in society as a whole, including when dealing with the media.

The objective of the CSA is to ensure that the legal provisions better respect the intergenerational contract and enact provisions that better reflect their needs.:

  • defend the dignity, quality of life and independence in old age;
  • improve the public’s consideration of the older population group;
  • to promote the participation of older generations in society and the solidarity between the generations;
  • defend the social, cultural and economic interests of older people;
  • promote the further development of a social security network acceptable to society and the general population;
  • to represent the older generations in every organisation that is active in the fields of old age policy.


Contact person : Roland Grunder, Co-Président :

Elakeliitto-FinnishPensionerOrganisation_logo Finnish Pensioners’ Federation

The Finnish Pensioners’ Federation is the biggest pensioner organisation in Finland. They have local branches all over the country, which offer activities, courses, leisure trips and a variety of events to senior citizens. The organisation also provides advocacy work on issues and decisions that impact the lives of older people and pensioners. Their vision is the one of an age-friendly Finland where the interests of ageing people are taken into account and which offer them suitable services.

Their main goals are:

  1. Reducing poverty in older age
  2. Promoting the rights of older people in our digitalised society
  3. Increasing the availability and affordability of local services
  4. Supporting green care and voluntary work
  5. Raising awareness of the diversity of older people’s needs in housing.


Contact person: Anssi Kemppi :

JNF50PLUS-logo Stichting Jan Nagel 50PLUS Foundation

The Jan Nagel 50PLUS Foundation (JNF50PLUS) is a Dutch national association that promotes the political involvement of senior citizens on European and global levels. The organisation aims to contribute to the development of democratic societies where senior citizens get the respect and the appreciation they are entitled to and where their interests and opinions are effectively taken into account. The Jan Nagel 50PLUS Foundation is affiliated to the political party 50PLUS.

As a new non-profit organisation, JNF50PLUS wishes to co-operate with other organisations in promoting and defending the interest of senior citizens on the main topics they are working on: social security, health care, age discrimination and media literacy. JNF50PLUS will also pay extra attention to the position and active participation of women.


Contact person: Willeke Mertens:

And as an observer member:

65+YaşlıHaklarıDerneği_logo 65+ Yaşlı Hakları Derneği

(65+ Elder Rights Association)

The Turkish organisaiton seeks to contribute to the development of social policies for the older population through research and pioneering exemplary practices, and in supporting discussions on developing sustainable, exemplary models for an ageing society.


Contact persons: Ms. Remziye Gülüstü Salur / Mr.Ali Umran Yet:

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