Investing in services for people’s well-being – Social Platform Case study

SocialPlatform _CaseStudy_Feb2017_cover The Social Platform has published a collection of case studies on investing in services, which includes one on long-term care.

Starting from the experience of many Social Platform members, their national members and partners on the ground, this publication is aimed to show that investing in high quality health, housing, social, employment and education services and social infrastructures for all is an investment in people and for the future, and not simply a cost. While addressing present needs with immediate effect – such as improving people’s skills, health conditions and employability – investment in services can prevent or reduce future needs that would give rise to additional costs and reliance on services, including emergency health care, unemployment benefits, correctional facilities and income support. This approach is known as “social investment”. This publication presents 14 case studies from 12 EU Member States to illustrate how this approach can be implemented in practice.

Download the publication ‘Investing in services for people’s well-being’ here

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