Re-imagining birthdays to combat ageism around the world

Better Birthdays is a global movement that seeks to change attitudes to ageing and to challenge ageism across the life course, following the call launched last year by the World Health Organization (WHO). Through the use of birthday cards as a platform for talking about age and ageism, the initiative encourages designers, makers, retailers and […]

Realistic depictions of ageing to combat ageism

In 2019, Changing the Narrative held the REAL (Realistic Examples of Aging in Life) Photo Contest, designed to combat visual ageism and portray older adults in a positive light via inter-generational work, as successful entrepreneurs, and engaged with social causes they are passionate about. The impetus for this contest was the lack of stock photos […]

Art Against Ageism

Art Against Ageism is an alliance of creatives, artists, and activists committed to identifying, amplifying, and creating artistic endeavors that confront and address damaging stereotypes about age and ageing. Set up by two Americans, Meg LaPorte and Jordan Evans, Art Against Ageism aims to create and promote actions that tackle damaging stereotypes about age and […]

Ireland involves local community on climate change & energy poverty

In Ireland, local community groups are leading the way in the area of reducing energy use and reutilizing energy, with groups such as Energy Action, Louth sustainable energy community and NCE. Projects have been developed to address two challenges: climate change and fuel poverty. The idea behind is to provide individual with objective information on […]

Senior citizens become experts in ageing research in Quebec

The population of Quebec is one of the fastest ageing populations in the world. Determined to better meet the needs of the older population, researchers from the Sherbrooke University in Montreal have joined forces with the greatest ageing experts: senior citizens, who take part in every stage of an extraordinary scientific study aimed to value […]

The ‘Art of Ageing’ project raises awareness of ageing through theatre

The ‘Art of Ageing‘ is an artistic project, initiated by the European Theatre Convention (ETC) and supported by the Programme Culture of the European Commission, which aims at bringing the ageing issue and the resulting societal challenges to international audiences via innovative art creation and theatre co-production. Through acute visibility and awareness “The Art of […]

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