Ireland involves local community on climate change & energy poverty

InverstingInCommunities_Ireland In Ireland, local community groups are leading the way in the area of reducing energy use and reutilizing energy, with groups such as Energy Action, Louth sustainable energy community and NCE. Projects have been developed to address two challenges: climate change and fuel poverty. The idea behind is to provide individual with objective information on how to have their house better insulated and make the best use of available grants. For instance, in the Louth County energy advisors are in touch with local community groups working and developed a programme with ambassadors, using peer support and trust. This is an interesting example of how community groups can deliver change at local level, considering that most of the people who beneficiated from the programme are actually older persons.

The video gives an outline of what is done at community level to educate people on energy and renewable energy but also how to help them make a change in their homes to make them warmer and efficient:

For more information:

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