Re-imagining birthdays to combat ageism around the world

BetterBirthdays-logo Better Birthdays is a global movement that seeks to change attitudes to ageing and to challenge ageism across the life course, following the call launched last year by the World Health Organization (WHO). Through the use of birthday cards as a platform for talking about age and ageism, the initiative encourages designers, makers, retailers and consumers to create and purchase birthday cards that celebrate – instead of denigrating – ageing.

Birthday celebrations are one of the few common times when we all think and talk about age and ageing. Let’s use this timely opportunity to challenge age stigma, boost wellbeing and connect across generations.

Visit Better Birthdays’ website to:

  • Find out why ageism matters
  • Access resources, including guidance on what better birthday cards sound and look like
  • Dig deeper into issues around ageism in their blog
  • Connect to organisations, makers, sellers and buyers who care about this issue
  • link to card designers that produce age friendly/age positive cards.

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