Family foster care model in Finland

With the number of older people and frail older people in Finland is rising, along with the cost of care homes and nursing homes, Finnish public authorities, health policy experts, families and older people are looking for alternatives to both save money and offer older people the possibility to enjoy a safe and comfortable place to live. The older people family foster care model in the City of Tampere (Finland) provides care at private home outside the older person´s own home. It is an alternative service between an older person living at his/her own home and institutional care.

Elderly Foster Care homes are municipality licensed private homes that offer assisted living to those who require help with day to day activities but who are not in need of full term nursing care. A family foster carer is paid to take in older persons and provide them a home – meals, laundry, a place to sleep, someone to talk to and watch over them. Care at family carer´s home can be full-time (the older person moves to live within the foster family) or part-time (the older person spends the daytime with the foster family).
Family foster care of older people is arranged, supported and supervised by the municipality.

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