Eurobarometer reveals deteriorating working conditions in the EU

Eurobarometer logoPublished on 24 April 2014, a survey on Europeans’ perceptions of their working conditions, carried out in the 28 Member States between 3 and 5 April, reports a good average level of satisfaction but huge disparities between Member States. The most commonly reported problems are workload, work pace and long working days, as well as the lack of flexible working arrangements possibilities for some 40% of respondents.

According to this survey, an average of 77% of EU workers are satisfied with their working conditions but 57% feel that these have been deteriorating over the last 5 years. The results vary a significantly according to countries, ranging from 94% in Denmark to 38% in Greece.

The most unhappy with their working conditions are the Greek workers (62%), followed by Spain (46%) and Romania (40%). Worker satisfaction levels were also low in Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Portugal. The highest levels of satisfaction are reported in Denmark (6% are dissatisfied), Austria (10%) and Belgium (10%).

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