EU Green Paper on Ageing: what should be in?


Combating negative perception of ageing and defending people’s human rights throughout their lifetime should be the core objectives of EU policies on ageing. This is the main message of our contribution to the Roadmap on the Green Paper on Ageing proposed by the European Commission.


The European Commission is planning to publish by end of January its EU Green Paper on Ageing, which will aim to identify the challenges raised by Europe’s ageing population and help better coordinate EU policies on ageing. The Paper will be followed by the launch a wide debate, notably on long-term impacts on care and pensions and on the adequacy of our current social protection.Ahead of the publication of the Green Paper and the start of the public consultation, the European Commission has issued a Roadmap, on which we submitted our feedback last December. In our contribution we insist on basic principles that should be covered in the Green Paper and make some suggestions of questions for the consultation.

We stressed namely on the need to:

  • Change the narrative and reinforce the human rights-based approach
  • Tackle socio-economic inequalities and discrimination across life
  • Propose a comprehensive strategy to overcome the silos

Read our contribution here

The various feedback collected during the consultation can be accessed here


For more information, you can contact Julia Wadoux,


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