Digital literacy of older people: an overview

The increasing complexity of disinformation and growing digitalisation of our communications and services poses important challenges to our societies and democracies.

DIGITOL_Report-Context_Analysis-Sept2020-cover The present report, written by ProArbeit and AGE in close cooperation with the other partners of the DIGITOL project, provides a context analysis about the needs and preferences of older adults for digital and media literacy trainings. The objective of this document is threefold:

  • deepen our understanding of older people’s needs and interest for training,
  • identify promising initiatives using digital and media literacy trainings to combat disinformation,
  • provide practical recommendations for the elaboration of the DIGITOL Digital Social Academy, an intergenerational training initiative for younger and older generations to address the challenge of disinformation together.

The report is based on data collected through an online survey in five languages (Bulgarian, English, German, Greek, and Italian), interviews and focus groups with experts in the field of digital and media literacy as well as with older adults. It also combines and complements four national reports covering the same scope for Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, and Italy.

The findings from the DIGITOL data collection reaffirm the need to improve digital literacy and media literacy of the whole society to ensure more effective social inclusion. They furthermore underline that the DIGITOL project fills a gap that is evident from the existing initiatives as well as from the preferences of older adult.

For more information, check the resources online on the DIGITOL website ( or contact

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