Countdown to the European Elections: AGE members get mobilised


Across Europe, AGE members are getting engaged to promote informed participation of older people in the coming European elections and inform political parties about older people’s concerns.

  • The French Confederation of Retired Persons has sent their demands for the European elections to parties, and French AGE members have collectively drawn up proposals for a National Reform Programme to take ageing into account in national and EU policies. Old’Up has organised a public debate about European issues in Paris.
  • BAGSO from Germany has released videos calling for older people to vote for democratic parties and defend the positive idea of Europe, creating also their own manifesto.
  • The National Association of Pensioners in Malta and PASYDY in Cyprus have scheduled separate meetings with national parties and the National Pensioners Association has published opinion pieces in the national written press
  • PRO from Sweden has interviewed AGE’s EP Liaison Officer for their internal membership magazine
  • Age & Opportunity in Ireland has partnered with the Age Friendly Cities and Counties programme to organise pre-election meetings in each of the three Irish constituencies and where attendance by older people will be facilitated.
  • The Christian-Democratic European Seniors’ Union and the Social-Democratic European Seniors’ Organisation have participated in AGE’s campaign kick-off in the European Parliament’s
  • APRe! explains how ageing and social conditions after retiring are major challenges for the European society as a whole in their position for the EU elections.

  • Grassroots movements, such as the Belgian Grandparents for Climate are contributing to debates and campaigns that concern all groups of society from an intergenerational perspective.

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