Commission turns to civil society for solutions on long-term unemployment

EU consultation iconThe European Commission has launched a stakeholder consultation on service provision to the long-term unemployment. This comes in a context where long-term unemployment has attained a high by affecting 5.1% of the active population. Long-term unemployment hits older workers harder than other population groups, as it is very difficult for older workers to find a job after having lost their old one.

The Commission consultation focusses on services provided to the long-term unemployed that could bring them back into employment. The consultation looks at the integration of services to long-term unemployed, individual support to the unemployed, responsibilities of jobseekers and service providers, incentives for employers and the categories of long-term unemployed that need most support. Any organisation or citizen in Europe can respond to the consultation until 15 May 2015.

AGE will prepare a reply to the consultation.

For more information, please contact the AGE Secretariat at

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