“Be connected” improves health literacy about dementia

“I never start my workshop with which are the 10 early signs of dementia, as half of the learners would leave immediately.”

Adult educator on teaching about dementia in the community, Slovenia

Are you an adult educator and ever wondered how to improve your skills on teaching about dementia-related issues? Do you want to check what you know about dementia so far?

MYH4D_logo ZDUS – AGE member in Slovenia – and its partners of the Erasmus+ project Move your hands for dementia developed a Massive Open Online Course “Be connected” to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and help communities to become inclusive, focused on dementia.

In this process adult educators play an important role, as they can help their learners increase knowledge, skills and competences about dementia helping to see the person behind the dementia and focus on their needs and abilities.

The Be connected MOOC is a practical tool for adult educators to increase their health literacy about dementia and the understanding that we as community (our values and the language we use on dementia) can impact the relationship we have with the person with dementia and the kinds of support and services we offer.

To know more sign up for a free course here: Be connected MOOC.

Comments and feedbacks are appreciated at: myh4d@aslto3.piemonte.it

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