BAGSO checklist ‘Planning a car purchase?’

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Are you planning to purchase a car? The checklist, developed in cooperation with the German Federal Association of Senior Citizens Organisations (BAGSO) and the organic traffic Club VCD, highlights important criteria to consider before buying your car, namely with regard to getting in and out, seating, outward visibility, fittings and much more.

Some important advice to be considered when looking for a suitable new car are namely:

  • Test the embarkation and disembarkation before buying: Are driver’s seat and door high enough to easily get on and off ?
  • Check that the driver’s seat can be adjusted optimally for you: You should reach the pedals comfortably, while sufficient distance remains from the steering wheel. You should also have a good overview of the traffic situation.
  • Pay attention to the clarity and user-friendliness of the dashboard: Can the indicators be read easily – even at night?
  • The most important hint: take your time and do not decide in advance on a precise model.

BAGSO’s checklist also provides information on the environmental characteristics of a vehicle, using the rule of thumb “100-110-120” as a guide to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A small car should emit a maximum of 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer, a car in the compact class golf or up to 110 grams, a family car up to 120 grams.

Read more (in German) in BAGSO press release:

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