Art of Ageing Theatre Festival looks at ageing realities in Europe

Theatre Festival Conference 2015During the 1st European Theatre and Science Festival – The Art of Ageing that took place in Romania (Timisoara) on 16-19 April 2015, five multilingual theatre performances, based on investigative artistic research and collaborative theatre-making in Europe, were staged to raise awareness of ageing topics in a European context. The event marks the end of the two-year creative theatre research project ‘The Art of Ageing’ by the European Theatre Convention (ETC) which also launched on that occasion its creative research publication ‘Bringing the burning issue of demographic change to Europe’s stages providing in-depth information on all Art of Ageing theatre collaborations, with contributions of field experts, academics and scientists.

“The Art of Ageing” is a European project launched two year ago by ETC and 8 partner theatres. Its aims it to exchange, in an artistic context, on the impact of ageing populations on our societies and how this has to be reflected in theater, the artistic practice and the way to engage with intergenerational audiences.

AGE Platform Europe Vice-President, Ebbe Johanssen, was invited to take part in a panel on ‘Scientific findings of the ageing phenome in artistic dialogue with civil society and policy makers’ on 17th April.

Read the agenda here

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