ANLA promotes national pact for seniors in Italy

AGE Italian member ANLA has promoted a “Federative Pact to protect the elderly” involving eight major national associations of older persons, older workers and seniors, men and women, who with their work over the years have helped build their country. This pact aims to promote more effectively the interests and the rights of older persons, in a context of dialogue between generations.

The eight Federative Pact signing Associations – ANLA, ANPAN, ANPECOMIT, ANSE, Federanziani, Federazione Nazionale Maestri del Lavoro d’Italia, FEDER.SPeV., Fondazione Esperienza – are now completing an analysis of today’s situation of older people in Italy, which started one year ago.

Read more in Italian in this press release and read here the text of the Pact

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