AGE President highlights contribution of older farmers in agriculture

Expo anchio2015On 29 May, as part of Expo 2015, AGE Platform Europe President, Marjan Sedmak, was in Milan, Italy, upon invitation of Confagricoltura to take part in a conference on agriculture: ‘Families and active pensioners to feed the planet’. Mr Sedmak focused on the situation of older people in the European Union, namely on their contribution in the work place, in particular in agriculture.

Many older farmers, although retired, continue to be actively engaged in their businesses with the commitment of a lifetime and the experience gained over the years. As AGE’s President pointed out, ‘young people run faster and older people know shortcuts’, adding that, although the intergeneratinoal dimension has a clear added value in the agricultural sector, older farmers’ contribution has however so far been poorly understood and estimated.

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