AGE participates in a new European project developing solutions for smart & active ageing


Integrating the different digital services, devices and tools and make them interoperable is regarded as a key challenge to deliver personalised and optimised health care to Europe’s ageing population. This is what the new Pharaon project project, kicked off on 21 January 2020 in Pontedera, Italy, will aim to achieve with the cooperation of AGE.

The Pharaon project (Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing) project is a large-scale pilot project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme involves partners from 12 European countries.

Pharaon will create a set of highly customizable interoperable open platforms, which will integrate advanced services, devices and tools including IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, smart wearables, big data and intelligent analytics. These solutions will be widely tested and validated in 6 different pilots in 5 countries: Italy (Tuscany-Apulia), Spain (Murcia and Andalusia), the Netherlands (Twente), Slovenia (Isola) and Portugal (Coimbra-Amadora).

41 organisations, led by SSSA (Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant’Anna, based in Pisa, Italy) will be collaborating in this project across 48 months (from December 2019 to November 2023).

With an investment of about 21 million Euro, Pharaon has the ambition to make a significant contribution to the European Union’s agenda on Active and Healthy Ageing in helping to respond to the needs of older adults and carers, and enhance independence, safety and capabilities of people as they age,

Pharaon_kickoff_Jan2020-Ilenia_caption AGE will be leading and coordinating all communications and interactions with external bodies and stakeholders in order to achieve the highest possible impacts and benefits of the project. A particular focus will be made on outreach to older persons, care givers and the general public, as well as policy stakeholders at European, national and local level.

Furthermore, AGE will be involved in setting up the user requirement framework for the project’s pilots and contribute to the exploitation and innovation management, as well as ethics, privacy and cybersecurity.

Link to the project page on AGE website


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