AGE highlights challenges of seniors’ employment in a radio interview

senior employmentThe French-speaking radio Euradionantes has invited AGE Policy Officer, Philippe Seidel, to discuss employment of older workers in Europe, in particular to explain the differences between EU countries and the role of the European Union in promoting seniors’ employment.

In his interview, Mr Seidel highlights some of the differences that may account for a higher employment rate in some countries, such as a higher and more flexible retirement age and/or a lower retirement income that makes it necessary for older people to remain in employment for longer. Also, the perception of ageing plays an important part in older workers’ motivation and involvement in the labour market.

As for the role of the European Union in that area, Mr Seidel reminds that the labour law is a national competence of EU countries, but the EU has a part to play in developing minimum common standards with regards to working conditions, safety at work, etc.

Listen to the whole interview (in French) here:

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